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iOS Augmented Reality with some trigonometry

09/26/2012 By mario 9
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There are several concepts that a developer must grasp when preparing to write an Augmented Reality app: OpenGL, translations, rotations, scaling etc. In this post, I am describing some basic concepts from analytic geometry that are often used in AR application development.

Collecting sensor data with MonoTouch

09/07/2012 By mario 0
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This is a second article in a series explaining how to build Augmented Reality applications with MonoTouch. My first article covered the basics - now it's time to move on and learn more about sensor integration.

Building an augmented reality app for iPhone with MonoTouch

08/28/2012 By mario 1
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A few months ago we started developing a rather advanced augmented reality application for iOS, thinking that it would be a good idea to share our newly acquired knowledge with the rest of our community in a series of blog posts.