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High hopes for Visual Studio 2012

03/04/2012 By khorvat 0
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It’s a well known story: Friday afternoon, I’m trying to catch a deadline and my VS 2010 starts to mishbehave. So I started wondering if things will work better in Visual Studio 2012. Let’s take a look at the problems we had and how VS 2012 addresses them.

T4 lookup generation

09/05/2011 By mario 0
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Using a strongly-typed approach in working with database lookups, where all lookup values are kept in the container classes, makes it super easy to work with and maintain my code. Learn how to automate the task of creating lookup classes using the Visual Studio T4 template generation tools.

Troubleshooting IntelliSense

08/09/2011 By denis 0
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Over the years, almost all members of our development team have experienced some kind of problems with IntelliSense in Visual Studio. This feature is a great help while it works; however, once it stops working it can be a nightmare to figure out what exactly went wrong. Here are a few tips that can save you a few hours of troubleshooting.