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MonoX Upgrade from 4.5 to 4.7

12/06/2012 By khorvat 0
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A couple of working notes for users of MonoX 4.5 these that want to upgrade their applications to the newest version.

MonoX and Web Platform Installer

07/07/2011 By mzilic 0
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Microsoft's Web Platform Installer allows you to install MonoX directly from Web Application Gallery, or using our custom installer feed. This article explains how to choose the right approach for your installation scenarios.

How to install MonoX on Windows Server 2008

05/15/2011 By imarusic 8
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Learn how to install MonoX CMS on Windows Server 2008 in a few simple steps. This tutorial will illustrate how to install all MonoX prerequisites, create a Web site in IIS, prepare a database and intitiate the installation wizard.

How to perform MonoX installation

05/14/2011 By imarusic 20
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Learn how to perfom MonoX installation using the installation wizard. This tutorial will illustrate how to access the MonoX installation wizard, set the folder permissions, connect to the database and run the installation scripts.