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Using Sass, Foundation and Compass with Mindscape Web Workbench

03/22/2013 By Andrej 0
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This blog post is the first in a series of posts dealing with topics related to skinning and theming MonoX. The new MonoX theme is built with SassCompass and Zurb Foundation. Minscape Web Workbench is optional, we use it for to make it easier for back-end developers to use Sass and Compass in their familiar Visual Studio environment.


New MonoX project: Jobsboard/Poslomat

02/20/2012 By denis 0
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We've been building several exciting services on top of MonoX during the last couple of months. This time we'll present one of the newest additions to our projects gallery. It is a social recruitment service (or in its Croatian version).


Building a custom ASP.NET project based on MonoX

05/24/2011 By khorvat 18
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So you've downloaded MonoX, played with it a bit, changed a few images and portions of CSS, even changed the layout on some pages and set a bunch of Web part properties. Now you want to take it one step further and use it as a foundation for your custom projects. This tutorial demonstrate a few simple techniques for starting MonoX-based projects.