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Support for ASP.NET profiles in MonoX

10/04/2010 By khorvat 0
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We are proud to announce that MonoX now includes full support for ASP.NET profile infrastructure. All configuration changes are immediatelly visible in the front end profile-related Web parts, making it easy to include unlimited number of custom fields to the user's profile without any programming and without the need to recompile the solution.

Getting up to speed with MonoX

09/28/2010 By denis 5
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We have received a lot of feedback during the past couple of days since the newest release of MonoX was made public. Here are a few tips on how to start working with the sample project and produce a working custom solution in a matter of minutes.

Template gallery

04/06/2010 By denis 4
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Designing new portal themes or templates (we use both terms, template is a set of all files needed to give a portal a certain look and feel, while a theme is just an ASP.NET theme) is one of the tasks that our users perform very often. The process is described in the user manual, but sometimes it is difficult to grasp what exactly needs to be done in order to produce a fully functional portal theme, especially if you don't have any experience with ASP.NET themes and master pages. We decided to publish a design template gallery to provide our users with ready-to-use designs that could be used instantly. You just need to unzip the template package in the root folder of your portal and start to use the new page template.

There is just a single Theron template in the gallery at this moment, but it will grow steadily over the next few months. All templates are free for MonoX users.
Please take a moment and study the structure of the package. In essence, a portal template is just a set of images and CSS files placed in the appropriate App_Themes folder. This theme is than applied to the template's master page (placed in /MonoX/MasterPages folder, but could be placed elsewhere). You can than just use this master page for your content pages. Additionally, MonoX allows you to place all control templates in the App_Templates folder to control all visual aspects of the portal controls.

UPDATE: We have moved template gallery source code to GitHub so please use this repository as starting point.