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Setting hardware UUID in Hyper-V and ProxMox

01/09/2012 By Jasmin 9
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Certain software requires hardware UUID for licensing purposes. When moving a physical machine to a virtual one, the hardware unique identifier is changed causing the software licensing to fail. The solution is to manually override it on a virtual machine if the virtualization environment permits it. Here's how this can be done in Hyper-V and ProxMox KVM.

Hyper-V hosting tips

10/15/2011 By denis 0
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We have recently started using Hyper-V technology to virtualize our Web servers that are located in hosting facilities all around the world. During this process, we have learned a few tricks that might be useful in your next virtualization scenario.

Virtualization solutions for Linux and Windows

07/14/2011 By Jasmin 0
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Mono is not all about MonoX, eCTD and ASP.NET development. This article is the first one in a series describing the other topics we are dealing with on a daily basis. Due to various virtualization needs in our company we have initially started using the Microsoft Hyper-V. However, all the Linux solutions were are using and designing made us look the other way, just in time to find a hidden gem in the virtualization land.