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Turning plain text URLs into clickable links

07/03/2012 By mzilic 0
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Sometimes you will want to utilize the simplicity and "lightweightness" of the plain old ASP.NET textbox while  while keeping a bit of interactivity and user friendliness. This article demonstrates techniques for "linkifying" texts on just about any Web form out there.

jQuery dynamic text sizing

02/23/2012 By Jasmin 0
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jQuery solution for expanding HTML text within its container for the purposes of producing large titles of variable text length.

ASP.NET meets jQuery Mobile

08/27/2011 By denis 0
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Whether it is a native application, a mobile-optimized Web site, or a hybrid solution, mobile development is taking place at a breathtaking speed. MonoX users were frequently asking about the best approach for delivering content and services to their audiences over the mobile devices. We are happy to announce that starting from the version 4.5, MonoX allows users to create Web sites optimized for such devices.