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Release Announcement: eCTD Office - The Best(*) Just Got Better!

10/20/2010Categories: eCTD

Mono Software and PRS today announced the major new release of the eCTD Office Suite, widely used NeeS / VNeeS / eCTD publishing system for EU and Swissmedic eCTD / NeeS electronic submissions.

eCTD Office in its latest version includes the following new features:

  • New and improved embedded PDF viewer with page extraction features. Feels like Acrobat Reader on steroids (Acrobat Reader not required).
  • Faster PDF specific embeded validation (broken links, version, linearization, ...)
  • More user friendly validation results: "pass" / "fail" and "best practice" warnings.
  • Once-Click-Import of an existing e-submission (or arbitrary folder structure). Merge an existing NeeS/eCTD submission into your compilation.
  • New export option: "Remove invalid PDF web links (www / email)". Not only will eCTD Office fix your valid PDF links, it will also remove any invalid links upon export.
  • Various enhancements and new features to make your e-submission publishing more user friendly, easier and faster.

Even if you already have an eCTD/NeeS solution, why not take a look at eCTD Office and save on time/money with your next e-submission. We'll take only 45 minutes of your time with a web demo of eCTD Office.

(*) This is what we get told by our users when ease of use, support and time/price to a published e-dossier is in question :)

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