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MonoX "How To" article series

03/01/2011Categories: MonoX
MonoX comes with a 170+ page manual, but it cannot cover all use cases and specialized scenarios. To bridge this gap we have decided to create a series of "How To" tutorials that will help users to quickly find their way around MonoX. This series will feature "hands-on" articles targeted at Web administrators and developers.

First articles will describe the installation procedure and the basics of MonoX user interface - from creating new pages to populating them with Web parts. End users will learn how to create content such as blog post, news, forms, events, and more. Developers will learn how to start custom new projects, build specialized Web parts, properly use data access repositories and more. 

Some of the forthcoming articles will include:

  • How to: Install MonoX on Windows Server 2003
  • How to: Install MonoX on Windows Server 2008
  • How to: Enable MonoX SEO on IIS 6, 7 & 7.5
  • How to: Add a new MonoX page
  • How to: Edit page content
  • How to: Add built-in Web parts to the page
  • Dev How to: Create a custom project from scratch
  • Dev How to: Create a website template
  • Dev how to: Create an advanced module

...and many more.

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By Manuel
what happened to this "how to" section idea?
We are moving towards opening a source code of few MonoX sections, so developers can easily extend the MonoX so we pushed few bit to GitHub and now preparing few bootstraps therefor we are bit behind the schedule with How To articles.

Do you have any particular in mind or do you need help with something ?

By Dare
Are these tutorials available as a printout document? I have taken over the website design for a non-profit and it needs a lot of work. Unfortunately, I'm a basic user that doesn't have technical coding skills and was hoping there would be some articles on the basics, such as adding a page or subpage, changing the layout and design, etc. Are any of these available for download that don't require a user to understand the code behind it?

you can download MonoX manual, there is a "5 Portal administration" section that describes all of that, also you can check the following article on new management

MonoX manual link -