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Thread synchronization in .NET

05/10/2012 By pajo 0
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This is a short intorduction to thread synchronization in .NET. It covers some basic techniques that you may be already familiar with, but also explains how to deal with scenarios when you need to cross process boundaries. We also visit some of the issues that may arise with synchronization.

Finding the public key token of a .Net assembly

05/03/2012 By idrazic 0
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I was in a situation where I needed to find the public key token of a file I had. A simple enough task you might say, but is it? Find out how to programatically extract the token without using the .NET framework SDK.

High hopes for Visual Studio 2012

03/04/2012 By khorvat 0
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It’s a well known story: Friday afternoon, I’m trying to catch a deadline and my VS 2010 starts to mishbehave. So I started wondering if things will work better in Visual Studio 2012. Let’s take a look at the problems we had and how VS 2012 addresses them.

MonoX architecture explained - the UI

11/12/2011 By khorvat 6
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MonoX includes a lot of functionality out-of-the box: blogs , discussion boards, other social networking and mobile content management features and many more. But when it comes to customization, where do you start and what can you customize? Let us dig into the MonoX architecture to find out more.

Upgrading to new MonoX version

01/19/2011 By denis 0
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Upgrading an existing MonoX site to the new version can sometimes be a complex task as there are many areas that may been changed or customized between versions. This article presents a handy step-by-step tutorial you can use to upgrade your old site/application to the newest version of MonoX.

Support for ASP.NET 4.0 in MonoX

09/29/2010 By khorvat 5
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The newest version of MonoX (3.2.1766.35 and above) fully supports .NET framework 4.0. 

MonoX has a preconfigured web.config for .NET 4.0 that needs to be used when you are installing MonoX on the .NET 4.0 platform. It is recommended to use this web.config before you start the MonoX installation. Note that you need to give the worker process account a write permission on the web.config to automatically setup the web application, otherwise you need to do it manually.

If you are upgrading an existing MonoX based Web application please sync the web.config files, copy the .NET 4.0 enabled web.config to the application root and then change the '<add key="InstallationDone" value="false"/>' to '<add key="InstallationDone" value="true"/>'.

The web.config file can be obtained from the following location in the installation package: "MonoX/Samples/Solution/web4.0.config".