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SQL Tips & Tricks: full-text query optimization

01/20/2013 By kpeulic 0
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How to optimize your slow SQL full text index query that uses a combination of LEFT JOIN and OR operators. A simple switch to the EXISTS operator will make all your performance problems disappear in a moment.

Installing Redmine and Ubuntu on VirtualBox

01/07/2013 By mario 3
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In this post I'll address some issues I came across while trying to prepare the environment for Redmine 2.1.4 with Ruby 1.9.3 and RubyOnRails 3.2.9 running on VirtualBox.

Building Cordova 2.2.0

12/20/2012 By tihomir.kit 2
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This post will explain how to build cordova-2.2.0.jar from source - since it doesn't come bundled with the download from cordova apache incubator - and how to run your first Cordova HelloWorld application.

WebCamp Zagreb - Lessons Learned

12/19/2012 By Dalibor 0
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WebCamp Zagreb was held for the first time this year. The demand for tickets was extremely high, but I managed to get one, and here is my overview of what the conference talks were about.

MonoX on GitHub

12/17/2012 By khorvat 3
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We have just started publishing pieces of MonoX source code to our GitHub page. Let me guide you through all repositories that are currently available...

Working with Monox localization resources

12/08/2012 By imarusic 2
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We are recieving a lot of support requiests related to the modification of the default localization settings, or adding a new language to the custom projects. In this post, I will try to shed some light onto this topic.

Using SignalR with MonoX

12/07/2012 By pajo 0
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SignalR is a tool that quickly became a standard for building real-time ASP.NET applications In this post, I'm going to explain how to setup MonoX for SignalR and build a module that uses this framework to send real-time notifications to all active users.

MonoX Upgrade from 4.5 to 4.7

12/06/2012 By khorvat 0
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A couple of working notes for users of MonoX 4.5 these that want to upgrade their applications to the newest version.

FontFace - custom fonts for your sites

11/25/2012 By ivanb 1
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Typography matters and online typography has made a big advance over the last couple of years. There are several approaches for integrating custom fonts to standards-compliant web pages. Find out how to use custom fonts in your web pages.

MonoX 4.7 is out!

11/23/2012 By denis 0
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The longly awaited upgrade to MonoX is finally ready. Learn more what changes, new features and bug fixes are included in MonoX 4.7 and let us know what new features would you like to see in the next major release.
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